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Poetry by Bec

5 August 2010

Some short little poems inspired by the 'senses of worship' workshop with Janet Munn.SilhouetteTo look upon your holinessuntil the imprint of the crossis left in my sight.Those white lines meaningless in shape- meaning in the sacrifice.The supernatural cloaking my naturalMy physical touching the metaphysicalI close my eyesand in the darkness,the silhouetted love is all I see.HandsI nailed him ther... Read more

Poetry by Keith Hampton

13 April 2010

Ever shining! Ever changing...There are not many things that are constant in lifeI recollect one par... Read more

Poetry by Merv Holland

30 March 2010

THE COST – “TAKE up your cross –follow me.” Lord, please realise what y... Read more

Wanted Works on Holiness

Wanted Works on Holiness

29 October 2009

At the conclusion of the Brengle Create conference, the delegates were asked to develop ministry res... Read more