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Aged Care

Barrington LodgeBarrington Lodge – Residential Aged Care Facility

Barrington Lodge in New Town has been a Residential Aged Care Facility since 1991 and is now home to 77 residents requiring high or low residential care. The mission and values of The Salvation Army are integral to the care provided, and these values influence and motivate management, staff and volunteers.

For further information, contact:
Director of Aged Care 
Barrington Lodge
120 Swanston Street
Ph: 03 6228 2164 Fax: 03 6228 3315 Email: manager.barringtonlodge@aus.salvationarmy.org 

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Assistance with Care & Housing for the Aged (ACHA)

Provides assistance and care for persons aged 55 years and over, who are living independently.  
You are eligible for assistance from this program if you are:

  • Aged 55 or over
  • Receiving a payment from Centrelink
  • Not a home owner

ACHA can provide assistance by referral and advocacy within a wide range of services including:

  • Aurora/Telstrao Accommodation providers 
  • Assistance with finding suitable accommodation
  • Doctors and Community Nurseso Meals on Wheels
  • Transport (for appointments)
  • Pallative Care
  • Centrelink
  • Emergency Relief
  • Other community services

An ACHA Rural service is available in both the Derwent Valley and Northern Tasmania.

ACHA provides a confidential and free service and is funded by The Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging, as well as The Salvation Army.

Community Aged Care Packages (CACP)

ACHA also provides a limited number of Community Aged Care Packages which help frail older people to live at home as independently and safely as possible.

Community Aged Care Packages provides assistance within a wide range of services including: Personal Hygiene, bathing, dressing, transport, preparing meals, shopping, housework, banking/bill paying, social activities tailored to suit individual needs.

To be eligible for CACP assistance you need to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team. An assessment interview can be arranged by ACHA staff.  

Clients have the right to:

  • Be involved in deciding the most appropriate care for them
  • Clear information that assists them in making informed decisions
  • Receive services that take into account their lifestyle, cultural and religious preferences
  • Be treated with dignity and have your privacy respect
  • Choose a person to advocate on their behalf for any reason

CACP provides a confidential and free service and is funded by The Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.
For further information, contact:
115 Main Road
Ph: 03 6278 3256 Fax: 03 6228 4661 Email: manager_ACHA@aus.salvationarmy.org

Aged Care Services, North-West Tasmania

  • Community Aged Care Packages North West provides support to elderly clients.
  • Clients are supported by aged care workers in their home
  • Clients receive a range of practical and emotional support to help them remain independent.

For further information, contact:
14 Grove Street
Ph: 03 6425 6004