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SALVOS SCHOOLS aims to educate, empower and equip young people to become vehicles for social change. We see an Australia where every student makes an informed and meaningful contribution to ending the cycle of youth homelessness.


All of Salvos Schools' initiatives are built on three foundations:

  1. Educate students about real-world social justice issues
  2. Empower students to lead social change and meaningfully participate in society
  3. Equip students with the tools and access to practical opportunities in order to make a positive contribution to social justice

Salvos Schools offer a range of workshops for primary and senior students. 

Our Youth Homelessness Workshops are an experience that provides students with an opportunity to understand and empathise with those experiencing homelessness.

Students will learn about the basics of homelessness in Australia, different homelessness services, how to support someone at risk of or experiencing homelessness, hear real stories and partake in open discussions.

Students will gain a broader understanding of at risk groups within their community and be better prepared to talk about and respond to homelessness.

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