Special Assistance Schools

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Mission: To build and foster lifelong learning and resilience. We aim to address the underlying causes of Youth disadvantage and homelessness and create pathways towards independence for Australia’s Youth.

Our Special Assistance Schools independent school were established for young people who may benefit from a more individual learning experience; an experience which differs from mainstream schooling.

Our Special Assistance Schools undertakes a holistic approach to learning that is innovative, engaging and tailored to individual student needs. We offer accredited course program in a safe and supportive environment, but above all else our Special Assistance Schools provide a pathway towards a better future.

We believe that every student has a right to an education that is responsive to their needs and learning style; we have the capacity and experience to deliver this. Students are encouraged to take part in the wide variety of programs across our network. We facilitate pathways for further education and employment, we offer creative arts programs, access to an on-site gymnasium, free driving lessons and on-site casework and psychologist support.

Students at our Special Assistance Schools will be provided with every opportunity to succeed and build their independence. Our team of teachers and youth workers support young people who are struggling with adversities such as mental and physical health, legal and other educational barriers. Every opportunity for extra assistance they may need to overcome these adversities and build independence is made available to young people.

​Young people in our school will have the opportunity to:

  • Establish and develop career aspiration and a life of purpose
  • Pursue employment and training pathways in manufacturing, hospitality and other industry sectors
  • Improve their social literacy and relationship skills
  • Boost their health and wellbeing
  • To cultivate artistic skills