Drive for Life - Program Structure

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Drive for Life is resourced by a Program Coordinator that facilitates professional driving lessons through Driving Instructors and a group of Volunteers who assist with completing log book hours. The program provides vehicles for the Coordinator and Volunteers to conduct the driving sessions. 

Stage 1: Comprehensive Assessment 

Staff conduct a formal assessment to identify and address barriers that may prevent young people from participating in the program. 

Stage 2: Attain Learner Licence (L's)

Participants obtain relevant ID and prepare for their Driver Knowledge Test through online practice at a Salvation Army Centre.

Stage 3: Professional Driving Lessons

Participants who obtain a Learner Licence then untertake 10 driving lessons to develop foundational driving skills. This counts for 30 log hours based on a 3 for 1 Driving Instructor policy.

Stage 4: Supervised Driving

Participants are paired with a Volunteer Mentor to undertake their remaining 50-90 driving log hours while engaging in a life skills mentoring program with their Driving Mentor.

Stage 5: Attain Provisional Licence (P's) 

Participants complete an additional 2 lessons with a Driving Instructor in preparation for the Provisional Licence test.