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Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t products at Salvos Stores be cheaper?

Our valued donors provide us with a range of great products and expect us to be good stewards of these items.  For instance, a donor won’t wish to see a product that has been hardly used for which they paid a considerable amount of money, sold at an undervalued price at Salvos Stores. 

Customers looking for a bargain will always find selected clothing at 50% discount every trading day.  Further more, there are $1, $2 and $3 specials every week at the store.

All proceeds help fund the ongoing work of The Salvation Army.


How are the proceeds of sales used?

The proceeds of sales from the Yeppoon Family Store help fund the further good work of The Salvation Army along the Capricorn Coast Area.


How can I donate? What can I donate?

In order for us to operate to the best of our ability and provide quality products to our customers we can only accept goods that are in good clean working order. 

We can accept clothing, bric-a-brac, furniture, books and electrical items if they are in a good condition.  Sadly it costs our store thousands of dollars every year (and The Salvation Army nationally millions of dollars) in the removal and dumping of goods that are un-sellable.  Although we appreciate your donations, we do not be used as a dumping service.

You can donate your unwanted goods at our Store located at 2 Charles street, Yeppoon.  For pick-up of larger items please phone (07) 4939 2578.


How can I volunteer at the Family Store?

We are always looking for people who can spare a few hours each week to volunteer at our store.  If you are interested please contact our store manager, Margie, on (07) 4939 2578


What’s the difference between Family Stores and Salvos Stores?

Essentially The Salvation Army is a church.  Family Stores are run by local churches to provide funding for programs in the local community.

Salvos Stores is the retail arm of The Salvation Army and provides assistance to The Salvation Army Community Service divisions in the form of free clothing and household goods to those less fortunate in the community. Proceeds of sales help fund the ongoing work of The Salvation Army