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Women sharing together over morning teaWe have a weekly Women's group known as Home league.  
Women of all ages are welcome to attend! 

Our program :  

                          9:45am   Prayer meeting

                          10am       Morning Tea

                          10:30am  Fellowship Meeting

 Cost :  $2 per week

An offering for our Missionary Appeal is also taken.

We currently sponsor two children from overseas, therefore you are welcome to make a donation towards this if you desire.


The Home League Four Fold Purpose :

                   Worship : to learn more of God and His will concerning us

                   Education : to improve skills and develop powers of thought

                   Fellowship : to share in rich Christian friendship

                   Service : to know the joy of giving and providing for others.


The Home League Motto : "I will walk with integrity of heart within my house" (Psalm 101:2b NRSV)


The Home League Prayer :

I, too, O Lord, would make my home

A safe and lovely place;

Then, teach me how, for Your love's grace;

Bless my hands with household ways,

Help me to plan and build aright;

Teach me to sing Your praise within my house

from morn to night.


The Home League Pledge : Realising that I can make life and home beautiful for others, I will endeavour, by God's grace, and with humility and sincerity, to do what I can to keep my own life beautiful.  I will especially try to influence those of tender years under my care to value the truths of the Bible and cultivate regular habits of prayer.