Podcasts 2017

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Podcasts 2017

Podcasts 2017

Life giving messages from the Stafford Salvos. Be encouraged, challenged and inspired by the proclamation of the Word and see breakthroughs in your life in 2017!

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Christmas Discovery - Major Deon Oliver

24 December 2017

Christmas changes everything! Outsiders become insiders, unexpected events surprise, and the margins become the Centre. More detail

The Disruptive Christmas Story - Stuart Glover

10 December 2017

The Christmas story is one of disruption. Stuart Glover powerfully conveys how God can transform life's "disruptions" for our healing and the expansion of His Kingdom! More detail

The Presence of God

18 June 2017

Using Psalm 46 as a motiving theme, Deon Oliver describes the glory that is ours to experience when we realise the reality of God's presence in our lives everyday. Proclaim the blessing!

Jesus our healer - Stuart Glover

11 June 2017

Stuart Glover unpacks the narrative found in Matthew 8 where Jesus reached out to heal a person with leprosy. Are we willing for Jesus to reach out to heal and liberate us today? More detail

The Lord Restores - Deon Oliver

14 May 2017

On Mother's Day, Major Deon Oliver highlights how the Lord is our Shepherd who restores and guides us. More detail

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