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Private Rental Brokerage Program

The Private Rental Brokerage Program (PRBP) is designed to prevent and/or end homelessness and housing crisis by assisting households to meet their needs of affordable housing options in Brimbank and Melton. The program presents interventions including flexible brokerage packages, landlord incentives packages, advocacy, developing relationships with local real estate and private landlords amongst many other strategies employed by the PRBP to address the lack of affordable housing and assists in ending homelessness.


The Private Rental Brokerage Program (PRBP) is provided to households who are private rental-ready, that is, financially able to sustain private rental housing with time limited support.  Program resources are targeted to those who:

  • Are at risk of losing their current tenancy due to family breakdown, short term financial crisis, rental arrears, tenancy dispute etc.
  • Are currently homeless but can be rapidly and sustainably housed in the private rental market with a brief support intervention
  • Are financially ready to sustain private rental but require assistance with the transition from crisis, transitional or social housing.

Flexible financial brokerage packages can assist with:

  • rent in advance or in arrears
  • rental subsidies, guarantees to cover any loss of rent damage costs that are not covered under insurance
  • costs associated with accessing private rental
  • costs associated with establishing a new tenancy
  • alleviation of debts or one off financial assistance in times of crisis
  • life skills training

The program aims to assist residents in the Brimbank and Melton area to establish sustainable tenancies in the private rental market.Refereals are made through the IAP service (Initial assessment and planning) at Sashs Network in Sunshine.

Priority is given to the individuals currently residing in rooming houses and those at risks of entering a rooming house Individuals who have the potential to sustain a tenancy but with limited assistance such as being provided with private rental information,brokerage,start up costs  and time limited assistance.

Part of the PRAP Program consists of;

The Brief Intervention Worker:The role is to provide  immediate support for people who do not require continuing support, who are at risk of losing their current private rental tenancy or are currently in crisis or transitional housing.

The Enhanced Housing Pathways Worker: The role is to assists people whom are unable to obtain or access the affordable housing or the private rental market because of previous hardship.