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Chaplaincy services

A Chaplain has been appointed by The Salvation Army as an essential component of the Network. The chaplaincy service contributes to SASHS being regarded as a good example of a holistic approach to service provision within the Organisation. Many clients have noted that the integrative nature of this response has been beneficial in providing them with the required practical and emotional support to meet their needs.

The Chaplain provides support to clients and staff across the Network.The relational focus of the Chaplain creates an opportunity for clients to move from service provision to social connectedness. Clients referred to the Chaplain are individuals, couples or families who have been identified as being socially isolated by Network IA&P or support services.

The Chaplain also works with clients in longer term SASHS support programs. The opportunity to build longer term relationships has led to the Chaplain being asked to conduct weddings, funerals and involvement in other personal and family celebrations.

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