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Robertson Barracks (Darwin)

 RSDS DARWIN - Robertson Barracks​

Major Gerald Mitchell, Representative

Gerald supports 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR) and 1st Combat Engineer Regiment. Gerald can be contacted on 0400 642 881 or

Major Mairi Mitchell, Representative

Mairi supports 1st Combat Service Support Battalion (1CSSB) and 8/12 Artillery Regiment. Mairi can be contacted on 0400 642 881 or

If you would like to donate funds to Red Shield Defence Services, Darwin, please direct deposit to the following account:

BSB 642 170

Account 617778

Please leave your name as a reference. If you require a receipt, please email


HOP IN      -     ‘Albert Moore Recreation Centre’



The Hop-In Centre has been named after and in memory of Major Albert Moore and has been attached to the Red Shield Defence Services within the Australian Defence Force.

Here is a following article capturing pictures and interviews of selected personnel and Representative Albert Moore at Kokoda.

Opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday   -   8am – 8pm

Friday  -   8am – 4pm                      

 This is a place that is often called ‘my second home’.  You can come and relax here during your down time.  There are movies to watch, all sorts of games to play, books to read, or catch a few zzzzzzzzzz’s during lunch or well-earned break.  The relaxed atmosphere is felt throughout the building - with laughter around the game consoles (2 Wii consoles, a PS2 and 3 large screen plasma tv’s), ‘fierce’ rivalry at the table tennis table, and the endless chatter of mates sorting out the troubles of the world, giving each other a ribbing, or just passing the time of day.


Maybe you would like a bit of peace and quiet.  Down the corridor is the library and sitting area.  You can read a book, peruse a magazine, play a game of chess or try your hand at scrabble.  Our building is large enough to cater for all these activities without interrupting your quiet time.

 If you are going out bush for a time, why not come in and borrow a book?  When you’re done, you can bring it back and swap it for another.  We are happy to receive donations of books so if you have a few at home that you have read and would like to pass on to others, please feel free to drop them in.  We’ll gladly take them off your hands and add them to our collection.  

To top it off, we have a brew room complete with microwave and hot water ‘on tap’ for that much needed coffee or tea and biscuits, and a fridge filled with soft drinks, chips and choc’s for those who need that sugar fix. 

If there is a need for any office assistance, a "Sally Rep" can offer a printer, scanner, photocopier and laminator to finalise any documents. (Donations to help cover costs are always appreciated.)

Activities found in the ‘Hop In’  include:    

Games Room            2 full size pool tables.


 Table tennis, Game Consoles – Wii, PS2, PS1 – with 3 x 42” plasma tv’s, Air Hockey, Table Soccer.










Library                        Magazines, Comics, books – fact and fiction, Table Games.


TV Room                    Large Screen Plasma TV, Lounge chairs – Room capacity approx 30,

                               with removable wall to double the space if needed.

Out Field with The "Sallyman"


 The "Sallyman" catching up with members of the 1st Combat Engineering Regiment at Cultana Training Area in South Australia.

The Dogs are Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD). Whilst training as bomb sniffers, they too join the troops for a well earned break around the "Sallyman's" Truck.




The "Sallyman" fords a creek at the High Range Training Area near Townsville in Queensland to deliver much enjoyed refreshments to those training. A M113 APC watches and waits as the "Sallyman" crosses the river. It is not uncommon for the "Sallyman" to be escorted to the different locations during exercises.








Soldiers from the 1st Armoured Regiment & 1st Combat Support Supply Battalion partake in a break from training, enjoying a refreshing drink and a chat. Where ever the "Sallyman" is troops will soon gather. There is nowhere to hide.




The "Sallyman" with members of 5 RAR at Cultana Field Training Area in South Australia. The soldiers really appreciate a hot or cold beverage from the "Sallyman" to sooth a parched dry throat and wash some of that red bull dust down.