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Moorebank, School of Military Engineering

SME, or The Royal Australian Engineers - School of Military Engineering, is located at Steele Barracks, Moorebank in Sydney, NSW. The barracks is named after Major General Sir Clive Steele an engineer officer who had a key role in expanding the Corps during the Second World War. Steele Barracks, affectionately known as “The Home of The Sapper”, is a training facility incorporating Initial Employment Training for membersfresh out of basic training, through to skills development in diverse military technologies, specialist engineering fields, as well as trade skills such as plumbing,  electrical, construction and light/heavy transport and machinery.

The word ‘sapper’ comes from the fact that the earliest engineers were primarily responsible for driving tunnels, or ‘saps’ towards enemy lines and under fortifications.

Those completing their training at SME typically transfer into combat and construction engineering regiments located in various parts of the country to work in their chosen field of expertise.

RSDS does not currently have a full time representative at Puckapunyal. For any enquires, please contact our National Headquarters on (07) 3356 8167.