Chris Elliott

Current Host and Producer (Jan 2011-currently)

Everyone has a story. Many of Chris's interviews are with those who are, or use to be, in addictive behaviours and are finding freedom.

Chris comes from a background of commercial radio as an announcer (15years including 3MMM, 4MMM, 3AK Light Hits, 4KQ Country) and copywriter for 8 years (3MP,  Gold 104 and Mix101.1 now KIIS FM). He also worked freelance in Agency land as copywriter (3years).

He has a Bachelor of Performing Arts having studied fulltime at Stella Adler New York. Today Chris produces and hosts Light & Life, sources and conducts interviews, along with writing the various segments. His heart is to see people find freedom. 

Jim Burns

Light & Life Journalist

Jim is our UK correspondent, who's passion for seeing lives changed for the better is clear in what he writes. He's constantly on the look-out for amazing stories of community rebuilding and personal transformation, and pens some of the Going Deeper spots.  

Headshot Maris

Maris Depers

Salvos Psychologist

Maris is our personal trainer for the mind. He's passionate about working with people to create change, which can change entire communities as well. Maris sees the whole spectrum of the human condition every day!



Founder of Salvos Radio

"I was appointed by The Salvation Army as Broadcast Development Officer in January 2000 after having served 4 years as CEO of 2CBA FM (now Hope 103.2).

My task was to develop radio ministries to remind Australians that The Salvation Army is more than just a helping hand – that we are a Protestant church denomination with a message of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

Assisted by Peter Hobbs (who is now a fulltime officer and Captain in Victoria) I developed a 15 minute magazine style show called ‘On the Scene’ which was later dropped and re-named ‘Light N Life' later to be coined by Chris Elliott simply as Light and Life. We had a purpose built studio which also served as a video unit.

Peter was producer and I was presenter featuring interviews with Salvation Army colleagues engaged in front line ministry of care and compassion. Christian music tracks were included.  We did a 30 min version, plus 15 min version and posted CD’s out to participating community radio stations.

We also produced radio specials for Anzac Day, Easter, and Christmas.

It was an exciting venture, and a new step forward for The Salvation Army, to have a weekly radio program which has continued to this day. © The Salvation Army 2019