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About Salvos Radio
ACRA nominated for best networked program

Podcasts have become so popular. More and more people are discovering the empowering nature of podcasts. 

Talkback Matters is about real people, real stories. Everyone has a story and over the years we've been privileged to have interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life sharing their story.

These include Douglas who was adrift in a life raft in the middle of the ocean for 38 days with his family, and they all survived;

Matt the convicted extortionist who met a little old lady who was stronger than he was and helped turn his life around;

The Real Estate Agent in the 1980's with a $2000 a day heroine addiction who got clean... and the list goes on.  

Mind Games features Salvos Psychologist Maris Depers. Maris shares life issues and tips on how to over come them.

Going Deeper is a personal anecdote, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always engaging and empowering. 

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To share your story or send valuable feedback, email us from the Contact Us page on this website. We'd love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts each week. 

Stay safe,


Light and Life Producer

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