Yard Maintenance Program

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The Flinders Yard Maintenance program exists as a support to those who do not have access to equipment to maintain their yard. This can be one of the main pressures placed on families and individuals who rent private or public housing. 

So if you need to mow and snip your lawn, remove some rubbish or simply need a rake and shovel to start a vegi-garden please contact our office for assistance. 

Our job

  • We help you book the equipment you need (Trailer, Mower and Snipper require a $20 deposit per item which will be refunded in full when equipment is returned without damage).
  • We ensure equipment is maintained and ready for use. 
  • We provide basic information and instructions on how to best use the equipment. 

Your job 

  • Make a booking as regularly as needed. 
  • Complete the 'use of equipment agreement' and pay the deposit for items (if required) before using the equipment.
  • Pick up the equipment if you have access to transport - this is our preferred option. 
  • Follow the instructions for use and take care of equipment.
  • Pay for any waste transfer station fees and provide the labour to unload the trailer. 
  • Return the equipment on time and in the same condition it was when borrowed and notify staff at time of returning if any item is damaged.

More information

Please contact us for more information:

Shop 1
96 Carlton Parade
Port Augusta SA 5700

(08) 864 110 21
1800 033 910
(08) 864 234 57