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The Salvation Army is well known for what it does within the community. It’s logo, the Red Shield, is an internationally recognised symbol.

One of the more distinctive denominations of the Christian Church, The Salvation Army operates as both a church and a network of social services, stemming from its worship of God and its Christian values.

The Salvation Army is one of the largest and most diverse social welfare providers in the world. Our philosophy is that we can best express our love for God by compassionately reaching out to help people. 

Here in Penrith, we embrace The Salvation Army’s mission to “Save Souls, Grow Saints and Serve Suffering Humanity”.

We offer a wide range of services and activities where people enjoy rewarding relationships and experiences. These include Family Church, which is held each Sunday at 10am, with the children leaving the main service to go to Kids Church (Sunday School) at approximately 10.45am.

There are also activities and groups that may be of interest for all ages.