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Parramatta Salvation Army is committed to raising up and developing Christians in ministry. One of the ways we will honour this commitment is through a Ministry Internship program.

An internship is an intentional and structured approach to learning ministry skills and being developed in the Christian life. It looks at both the ministry needs of the local community and the ministry abilities and desires of the applicant.

This internship focuses on personal spiritual formation and development, training in practical ministry skills while exploring how the gifts and talents God has given you can be used. The program offers ongoing support and nurture throughout this process.

There are different levels available in the internship program. This enables us to tailor the involvement and responsibilities of the intern. Each level contains a description of expectations, time commitments, financial considerations as well as both the options and non-negotiables.


This internship is mostly aimed at the younger generations but there are no age restrictions. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. The intern must be a follower of Christ and keen to explore what ministry they are being called to. The intern will need to have clearance for the areas of ministry they will engage in. They will also be expected to ‘belong’ to our faith community.


The internship program is now operating. You may apply immediately.

The timeframe for each intern placement will be based on a 12 month contract that is renewable.


We are accepting Interns in these ministry areas:

  • youth and young adult discipleship
  • children’s ministry
  • international and multi-cultural connections
  • university chaplaincy
  • community engagement
  • worship and preaching
  • leadership and administration

Interns have the choice of being involved in one or multiple ministry areas. There may be other events and training that all interns will need to be available for. Each intern will be assigned a mentor for the duration of their internship.


To apply, or even just to find out a little more about our Internship, the first step is to fill out an Expression of Interest form.