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Ministry Team Changes for 2020

17 September 2020

It is with mixed feelings that we share the news that we are to move on from Parramatta Corps. There is a sense of guilt that we have not yet finished the job with getting us into our fantastic building and launching our new ministries at 426 Church.

We also feel sad that we are leaving. It has been a privilege to serve our corps as leaders and we value the relationships we’ve formed and the many experiences we have shared over the last six years.

We want to make clear that the Army leaders are not moving us against our will. We have been in discussion with our DC for some time about what shape next year might take. Sharon and I had different ideas about what that might look like. However, with the way Army appointments are organised as well as COVID-19 restrictions some of our suggestions were just not possible. Therefore we agreed that Grant would take an appointment at the College in January and Sharon will be taking her leave and Sabbatical until June 2021.

We were very conscious of the need for a transition plan so we had also talked to the Army leaders about Sarah coming on board as a cadet-in-appointment and are very glad the Army could make that happen. We believe that Sarah is exactly the right person to help lead our corps into the exciting future that lies ahead.

We are glad that Major Kylie Collinson will be taking up the role of Corps Officer team leader at Parramatta. Kylie’s husband, David, has an appointment as the Public Relations Secretary for the NSW Division. We are hoping to develop a transition experience with Major Kylie so that she can come to Sydney and meet lots of you, gain an understanding of how our corps operates, as well as being involved in the planning for next year.

May God bless our Corps!

Grant & Sharon