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X-Factor - Being Formed God’s Word - August 2019 Devotionals

27 July 2019

Every item that is knitted requires many stitches and time. Each stitch is held together with the next stitch. All the stitches are woven according to the pattern set out so the article or garment is then useful for the wearer. By regularlyreading God’s word our livesare being formed by our Holy God. Every word is a stitch woven into our lives so we can show we belong to God. We will experience it in the way we think, act, speak and care for each other.Every time we open God’sword our Lord and Saviour is speaking to us, inviting us to walk with Him on the journey of spiritualtransformation. God’s Spiritis weaving our life into something beautiful and very useful to His kingdom.

Thank you to every person who has taken the time and effort to write for this devotional - we appreciate your stitches! I invite you to use this booklet every day in August as together we allow God’s word to form us.

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