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A Thought from Major Alwyn Robinson

11 February 2014

A Thought from Major Alwyn Robinson

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. Psalm 47:1

I'm constantly reminded in the Scriptures how God's people are called to worship Him with joy and thanksgiving, with loud shouts, with clashing of cymbals, with music and song, with trumpets and lyres, with hands raised, with dancing, and so on ... (e.g. Psalms 95; 96; 98; 100; 134; 149 & 150) Worship is loud and demonstrative! I know there are also Scriptural accounts of worship to be reflective and quiet (e.g. Psalm 37:7), but it does make me reflect, while I can be quiet and still sometimes, am I equally loud and demonstrative as I worship our great God?

I love watching sport. I love the footy, the soccer, the cricket and more. And I have my teams I shout and celebrate: the Roosters, Sydney FC, Sydney Sixers, the Swans. I'm often making lots of noise, cheering, shouting and jumping as I cheer on my team. It seems I can be loud and demonstrative very easily.

I want to worship God with all my heart, my voice, my body. Nothing less is good enough for Him. He is worthy of all my praise.

I want real FREEDOM to worship Him. Will you join me?

finding FREEDOM,
Major Alwyn Robinson