2013 : July : 28

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Colin & Lyn Daines

Colin & Lyn Daines

28 July 2013

Join us on the 28th July at 6pm to thank Colin and Lyn Daines for their wonderful years of Service. This retirement service will take place at Parramatta Salvos, and be conducted by David Godkin.   This meeting is a meeting for all, with worship music, David godkin bringing God's word and of course, The appreciation of Colin and Lyn Daines.... Read more

First Time?

Absolutly everyone is welcome to join us. For the best experience, please arrive 15 minutes before the service. If you need assistance with anything, our friendly welcome team are avaliable to help. We can't wait to meet you!

Transport & Parking

There are plenty of transport and parking options avaliable to you, including on-site parking. FIND OUT MORE.


Our church has a spacious, dedicated family room, where you can spend time in the service with your child. There are comfortable seats, toys, and a microwave. Plus, you are still able to hear and see what's happening in the main service.

There is also disabled access and toilets throughout our building.