Easter at Parramatta 2009

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Events / 2009 / 04 / 10

Easter at Parramatta 2009

10 April 2009 - 12 April 2009

Location: Parramatta Corps, King's School & Parramatta Park

EASTER O9 with Commissioner Linda Bond – PASSION OF JESUS

Good Friday - 10 April

9.30 am Corps Good Friday Service in Citadel with Commissioner Linda Bond

Easter Saturday – 11 April

7.30 pm Divisional Easter Concert at Futter Hall at King’s School
(drive through the main gate entrance and park in carpark)

Easter Sunday – 12 April

10.30 am Corps Morning Meeting with Commissioner Linda Bond
12.30 pm March of Witness to Parramatta Park (click to see map)
1-4.00 pm Festivities, music, face painting in Parramatta Park
6.00 pm Divisional Evening Meeting with Commissioner Bond at King’s School.