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Emergency Relief

If you find yourself in crisis and are in need of material or financial assistance, please call the Salvos on 1300 371 288 (9am-4pm Monday to Friday). This phone number will connect you with our Salvation Army Assessment Line where your situation will be assessed by one of our qualified staff.

Once you have completed your phone assessment you will be able to collect your assistance from our Salvos Connect Centre where you can also connect further with additional services and local Salvation Army events and activities.

Our aim is to help you meet your immediate material needs, whilst working at understanding your situation. We want to assist you with any underlying long-term issues to help prevent you falling deeper into the poverty cycle.

Please note that in order to receive emergency relief you will need to first call our assessment team on 1300 371 288 (9am-4pm Monday to Friday) as no assessment can be done at our Salvos Connect community centres.

Orana Salvos Connect

Salvos Connect is your gateway to the many services, activities and ministries of The Salvation Army Orana. Here you can:

  • receive advice and pre-approved assistance to help address your current financial needs
  • connect with our other services
  • connect with local Salvation Army events, activities, programs and ministries
  • connect with other community members in a safe and supportive environment

The Dubbo Salvos Connect Centre is open Tuesday & Friday 11:00am - 2:00pm and runs alongside our community lunches.


Doorways is an innovative, holistic, welfare model designed to help long-term clients move away from welfare dependency.

Through case management, mentoring and building wider connections into Salvation Army corps, services, and other local services, Doorways offers holistic support to individuals and families in need.



Gain control of your finances, fast

Financial troubles can be a major cause of stress but if you’re struggling with money, you’re not alone. You can start to solve your money worries with Moneycare services.

Our qualified team understands that everyone’s finances are different. They can offer you step-by-step advice on how to put your money problems behind you.

Moneycare is The Salvation Army's free financial counselling service. We can help address your various credit and debt issues, plan a budget and set goals for the future. The aim is to help you become more financially stable.


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