Salvation Army Emergency Services

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Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES)

The Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) team provides emergency catering in times of disaster or crisis.

The aim of the SAES is to support people and communities at their point of need, and to ensure emergency service workers and volunteers are also catered for.

Whether it's a natural disaster like a storm, flood or bushfire, or an incident such as a transport accident, structure fire or missing person search, SAES teams will be on the ground supporting those on the frontline of the emergency.

While SAES teams are one of the first groups of Salvos to respond to a disaster, this is closely followed by more Salvos who work with communities through the recovery process.

SAES teams may be tasked to work in evacuation centres from small community halls to major city showgrounds. They may be in the field supporting emergency service agencies from built-up areas to farmer’s paddocks and getting alongside the community as the clean-up begins.






Our SAES Team is made up of volunteers who undertake regular training
in safe food handling, WHS, and working in difficult situations.