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Community Service

 What is Community Service?

A Community Service Order (CSO) is an order made pursuant to the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act requiring the offender to carry out community service work. Subsections 8(1) and (2) Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act provide:

(1)   Instead of imposing a sentence of imprisonment on an offender, a court may make a community service order directing the offender to perform community service work for a specified number of hours.
(2)  The number of hours specified in a community service order in relation to an offence must not exceed 500, or the number of hours prescribed by the regulations in respect of the class of offences to which the offence belongs, whichever is the lesser.


If you would like to become a volunteer at Oasis Wyong under the Community Service program you will need to be referred by the Department of Correctional Services or Juvenile Justice.  Once you have received this referral you can attend our Centre, Monday to Friday, at 9am to complete the Volunteer Paperwork. 

Program Induction 

Once your placement has been confirmed, you will be referred to the next Program Induction, on Thursdays at 10am.