Freeway is a fitness and recreation-based program designed to engage disadvantaged and homeless young people, aged 16 to 25 years.

It aims to increase physical fitness and provide fun, challenging activities for our young people to get involved with, whilst exposing them to the benefits of healthy outdoor pursuits in a drug free environment.

Making true and genuine relationships with people is never easy, but for young people who have had their trust violated numerous times, it proves to be most difficult. Recognising this, Oasis developed Freeway to make early engagement as easy and comfortable as possible. By creating positive relational experiences, we are able to rebuild trust in those who have experienced trauma and are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness.

The program connects weekly with young people through organised activities like rock climbing, trampolining, surfing, bushwalking or to access to the gym; offering new experiences in a safe space.

Freeway has been designed as both an early intervention tool and connection point for those young people who are already considered at-risk. The program provides a safe stepping stone to engage in other services, including accommodation, education and training.