The StreetMedia multimedia centre offers a variety of creative arts workshops and intensive training programs across music, radio, film and photography. The program provides young people with a fun, creative outlet for self-expression and the opportunity to share their story through a variety of mediums.

Workshops and courses are run in partnership with a wide diversity of organisations, volunteers and other professional course facilitators including radio hosts, photographers, film producers and musicians. This diversity gives our young people access to a variety of positive role models from a range of disciplines and the program is often used as a stepping-stone into other programs across the network.

Delivering relevant, engaging and exciting courses to inspire creativity is at the heart of what StreetMedia is all about. It is the reason we connect and the reason that our young people are able to find their voice.

StreetTV is one of our most successful programs within StreetMedia and has been running in partnership with Foxtel since 2002. Every year, three short films are developed and produced by our young people in collaboration with experienced Foxtel staff who guide and mentor our young people. The eight-week intensive course is recognised by Randwick TAFE and culminates in a premiere film event at the completion of the course.

Across the board, StreetMedia is focused on delivering relevant, engaging and exciting courses to inspire creativity in the young people who access Oasis services.