Getting It Together Program

Getting It Together (GITS)

The Getting It Together (GITS) program has been operating at Oasis for a number of years, and is used as a source of brokerage for activities as well as individual support for young people.

Currently GITS provides brokerage support for activities such as camps, Awareness Days and various recreational outings and events, as well as occasional funding for Drop-In.

In addition, GITS has also been used to provide brokerage assistance to young people in the following ways:

  • School fee’s, text books, and stationary
  • New clothing (particularly if a young person arrives at Oasis without a change of clothes)
  • Uniforms for employment
  • Vocational training and short courses
  • Costs associated with rental difficulties or bonds for a new private rental property
  • Items for a young person moving into new accommodation, including furniture, kitchen items, bedding etc
  • Costs associated with travel (including airfares) to visit family or to return to a community of origin
  • Medical and therapeutic costs (including medication) and specialist visits not covered by Medicare
  • Birthday and Christmas presents and gift vouchers
  • Sport/Team registration costs and sport uniforms
  • Gym memberships
  • Meals and groceries

GITS compliments the support Oasis provides to a young person by enabling us to assist them financially with the things they otherwise would not be able to afford.