Casework Support Program (CSP)

Casework Support Program (CSP)

Casework Joint Support (CSP) is a joint support casework program with Youth Justice New South Wales (YJNSW) funded by Department of Communities and Justice. CSP provides support to young people being supervised by Youth Justice within the community and/or in transition from custody and young people with a Youth Justice Conferencing Outcome Plan.

It is designed to address practical issues to support the Youth Justice Case Plan or Youth Justice Conferencing Outcome Plan such as: income support and accommodation; returning to school; applying for work or training courses; and or attending medical or counselling appointments.

CSP supports YJNSW contribute to the NSW State Outcome of ‘Reduce Re-offending’ themes of Safety and Wellbeing along with Delivering Outcomes through facilitating access to services to support young people.

CSP also contributes indirectly to other State Outcomes: safer communities, active and inclusive communities, children and families thrive. This is along with the Premier’s Priorities of reducing DV reoffending, reducing recidivism in the prison population, protecting our most vulnerable children, reducing homelessness.

All referrals are sent directly from Youth Justice however if you would like more information, please contact us via:


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