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All schools provide an excellent environment for early detection of risk factors that lead to homelessness and family breakdown. Therefore schools also provide an excellent avenue to assist families and young people to access appropriate support services to prevent homelessness.

Schools can play an important roles in addressing this issue and help affect change in a young person’s life.

THE OASIS is an award-winning documentary that was produced by Shark Island Productions in 2008. It follows the lives of seven homeless young people at Oasis Youth Support Network in Sydney.

The film, along with its accompanying study guide and teaching resources, helps to demystify the complicated issue of homelessness for middle and senior school students, and to equip young people to make a difference to youth homelessness in Australia.

oasis-docoSince the screening of ABC1, THE OASIS documentary, report and study guide has been donated to every secondary school in Australia and forms the centerpiece of a national education and outreach program supported by The Caledonia Foundation.

THE OASIS interactive website has been purpose built and designed as a complementary teaching resource and features 18 short films, extracts and useful links to youth education and homelessness information.


Below is a summary of the resources available for the current curriculum.

All teaching resources are available to schools at no cost.





THE OASIS documentary & Study Guide

88min – A feature documentary about Australia’s homeless youth; tough kids from tough backgrounds living dangerous lives.

These are the young people of Oasis.

Wall Boy

22min – a shy young runaway finds himself forced into sex work at the “Wall” in Sydney. The boy’s only respite is a quick break on board the outreach bus. 

The Soldier 

30min – can be used as a follow up to The Oasis Documentary


Society and Environment (SOSE/HSIE)

Values Education


Health & Human Development

Community Development Studies


English and Media Studies

[Prepared by ATOM and The Caledonia Foundation]

Youth Homelessness Matters Teaching Resource

[Prepared by The Caledonia Foundation, Reach Out! Teachers Network and Inspire Foundation]


Australian Curriculum: English, Literacy Strand Year 9 and 10

NSW Curriculum: Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

QLD Curriculum: Society and Environment

ACT Curriculum: various links to the curriculum framework


Teaching Social Issues through English

[Prepared by English Teachers Association]


References the Australian Curriculum: English integrating the strands, Language and Literacy, in activities based on the movie and on related literary texts.


Lesson Plans

[11 classroom lesson plans]

The Oasis resource for Year 9 and 10 Health and Physical Education is focused on raising awareness of youth homelessness, celebrating the resilience of young people who are experiencing homelessness in Australia and empowering young people to take action to prevent youth homelessness in their local community.

ACPPS089 / ACPPS090/ ACPPS091 /ACCPS092 /ACCPS093 /ACPPS094 / ACCPS095 / ACCPS096 / ACCPS097 /ACCPS098

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Testimonial: “I can’t express how useful and easy the documentary and resources have been to explain an issue that is often so difficult to explain to young people.” – Teacher