Learn at Oasis

Learn at Oasis

There are many ways that students and young people can get involved with Oasis and make a difference.

We want to equip students, teachers and community groups with the skills to effectively respond to social issues while also building sustainable connections with local schools.


A dynamic 60-minute presentation is available to all secondary schools and is usually held on site at Oasis Youth Support Network. It aims to empower school communities by educating students about how people their age are at risk, and equipping them to respond to social issues.

When students visit Oasis to participate in the presentation, we help them explore the following themes in the context of youth homelessness:

• The importance of belonging and building inclusive communities
• How to support yourself and others through stressful situations
• Mental health, family breakdown, abuse and alcohol/other drugs
• Stereotypes, stigmas, attitudes and how they can contribute to inequality
• Developing resilience and overcoming adversity
• The importance of active citizens and community service opportunities

It has been developed to support schools teaching youth homelessness in the classroom by providing access to people with real experience working at Oasis, real stories and interactive engagement with the aim to empower the next generation of young people to take action towards the prevention and early intervention of youth homelessness.

Through discussion, group work and videos, students will come away with an understanding of youth homelessness; the stigmas, causes and the effects; the role that Oasis plays in supporting these young people and an appreciation of what it means to be homeless through real life scenarios.

You and your students will come away from this experience better informed and better prepared to take action.

Would you like to organise a workshop for your school? Would you like to register your interest to participate in The Couch Project or organise your own fundraising event this year?  Please contact Madeleine Mackay-Law, our Salvos School Liaison officer, for more information: madeleine.mackay-law@aue.salvationarmy.org

Stay Involved

We understand the importance of assisting schools in educating their students around the issues of youth homelessness and welcome the opportunity to be part of that learning process. Our ability to operate effectively as an organisation relies on the generosity of our individuals, companies and the community to help fund the programs and services we offer at Oasis.

We would like to encourage schools who participate in this program to fundraise on behalf of Oasis and continue to support the service that supports them. All money raised will be invested back into the Surry Hills Education Centre; a program that offers young people flexible education solutions with personalised plans and support – Schools for Schools.

By committing to raise just $500, you could help a young person gain access to the Education Centre for a year. We are encouraging schools to fundraise within a 12-month period and we would be happy to support you in this initiative.