Governance and Policy

Governance and Policy

Deductible Gift Recipient Status

The Salvation Army’s Oasis Youth Support Network is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Gifts over $2 to the social work of Oasis in Australia are tax deductible.

The Salvation Army (New South Wales) Property Trust  ABN 57 507 607 457

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Terms & Conditions

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Privacy Policy

The Salvation Army believes that privacy is an important individual right and is important to its clients. It is committed to ensuring that the personal information provided is handled properly and with all due care. The Salvation Army complies with the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988.

A brief summary of how personal information will be managed is set out in this policy. For further information on the type of personal information collected, held, used and disclosed, contact:
PRIVACY OFFICER-T.H.Q. Ph: 02 9264 1711

Personal Information

Information (including an opinion) is treated as personal information if the subject individual can be identified from that information.

Collection of Information

Only necessary personal information is collected. Personal information will be collected directly whenever it is reasonable and practical to do so. At or before collection, reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that awareness is made of the purpose or purposes of collection and the extent to which that information may be disclosed. Personal information does not have to be given, but if not given further assistance may not be possible. This possibility will be indicated to the client at the time.

Sensitive Information

Information that is regarded as sensitive under the Privacy Act 1988 such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs will not be collected unless consent has been given.

Use & Disclosure

Personal Information will be used or disclosed for the purpose it was given (Primary Purpose). It will be used for other purposes (Secondary Purpose), only if –

  • Consent to the purpose is expressed or implied
  • The use/disclosure is related to the main purpose of the collection and the client would reasonably expect it to be so used in such a way; or
  • It is required by law or some other compulsion to disclose such information as is permitted in National Privacy Principle 2
Quality & Security

Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the security of personal information held and that the personal information collected disclosed and used is complete and accurate. The information when no longer needed will be destroyed or de-identified.

Access & Correction

Access to personal information or notification of any change to the information should be made to:
PRIVACY OFFICER-T.H.Q. Ph: 02 9264 1711

Transboarder Flow of Personal Information

Personal information may be transferred overseas. This will be done in circumstances where;

  • The overseas country has effective minimum standards similar to the National Privacy Principles; or
  • Consent has been given/request made for the client to the transfer;
  • It is impracticable to obtain the client’s consent but the transfer is for the client’s benefits and it is likely that consent would be given; or
  • It has been contracted with the recipient that they will not treat information in a manner inconsistent with the National Privacy Principles
Concerns or Complaints

Concerns or complaints in relation to the handling of personal information should be directed to:
PRIVACY OFFICER-T.H.Q. Ph: 02 9264 1711