Junior Soldiers

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Junior Soldiers is an awesome and exciting ministry. The leaders are on a journey with their Junior Soldiers guiding them, helping them, picking them up when they stumble.

Junior Soldiership is a lifestyle, not a program. It is an opportunity for children to explore God's Word themselves and apply His truth to their lives. Junior Soldiers are junior members of The Salvation Army. They are children who have made a decision to be a follower of Jesus and want to grow and express their faith through ministry within The Salvation Army.

How do I become a Junior Soldier?

Before you become a Junior Soldier, you will participate in five sessions of Junior Soldier preperation. These lessons are based on the Junior Soldier promise. Having completed the preparation lessions and made a decision to become a follower of Jesus, you may be enrolled as a Junior Soldier of The Salvation Army. This is done at Sunday Family Worship. When a Junior Soldiers signs their Junior Soldier Promise, they are presented with a Junior Soldier badge. Throughout the program they will stand with the support of their Prayer Pal / Discipleship Partner. The Prayer Pal/ Discipleship Partner is a person of the Junior Soldier's chooseing who promises to pray for their Junior Soldier at least five times a week, taking special interest in their spiritual development.

For more information about Junior Soldiers contact Townsville Faithworks on 4779 3791 or Townsville Riverway Recovery Mission on 4723 5607.