Hope for Life Support Group

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When a person dies, family and friends begin a period of grief. The loss of a loved one through suicide is a swift and devastating experience for the survivor because there is no preparation time for acceptance of death. Guilt feelings are intensified by the "if only" and the frustrations sharply felt due to the unanswered question - "WHY?“

If you would like the support and understanding of others who have experienced a similar loss, in a confidential and professionally facilitated group, contact us. We are here to help people survive this experience and move on to fulfilling lives once again. The groups, together with the facilitators, offer a safe environment to discuss issues that only relate to persons bereaved by suicide.

Some reflections of participants:

  • Partners, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons all come together to support one another in our shared journey - Yvette
  • The Hope for Life group is a great support for survivors of suicide. It is a permanent support when faced with the inexplicable - Maree
  • My son chose to leave this world in 2012. The Hope for Life support group has helped me to survive the aftermath of his choice and to continue in a world without him. Try as they may, my family and friends can never understand my path like the members of this group - Matty's mum
  • Hope for life group - what it means to me. Loss from suicide is hard to bear and would be harder without the help of others who understand the loss and pain - Geoff Bamber

The group meets Monday nights fortnightly in Townsville. 


Phone: 07 47723607


Email: Click here