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Bronwyn Fanner


Name: Bronwyn Fanner 
Family: Darren (husband - MSS bass), Erin, Joel & Riley (children)
Employment: Home Duties
Interests: Patchwork, making Teddy Bears
Corps: Geelong
Commenced with MSS: 2012 
Corps Activities: Sing in Community Choir, which is connected with our corps; coordinate Catering/Hospitality within the corps
Favourite Food: Chocolate, Desserts 
Favourite Composer: No Favourite
Favourite Vocal Piece: Power of Your Love 
Favourite Scripture Verse: Psalm 139:13-18 
Highlights of MSS: Being able to tour with the group in the UK in 2010 - Awesome! 
As a Christian being in the MSS means? As a Christian I praise and thank God for this opportunity. I am truly blessed each time I hear this group sing and know that there are many others who are blessed also. I feel there is a real mission for this group to spread the gospel and I am privileged to be a part of it.