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Bev McMurray, Major

Bev McMurray, Major
Name:  Bev McMurray 
Family:  David (Husband), Daughter, 2 Sons, 2 Grandsons 
Employment: Director of Mission and Chaplain, Mountain View Aged Care Plus Centre
Interests:  Walking, Gardening, Music, Reading, Movies, Stitching 
Corps:  Camberwell 
Commenced with MSS:  2016 (January) 
Corps Activities:  Songsters 
Favourite Food:   
Favourite Composer(s): I very much enjoy the lyrics and music of the writers Keith and Kristen Getty 
Favourite Vocal Piece:  So many that I love which we are singing in our current repertoire is Mercy by Susan Boersma and Craig Courtney.
Favourite Scripture Verse:  The book of Ephesians, particularly chapter 1 
Highlights of MSS:  
As a Christian being in the MSS means? I have always loved singing, and feel real connection to God when I am worshipping him through song.My prayer is always that God would be glorified and that others would be blessed by my singing.The ministry of the MSS I pray would glorify God and bring others into His presence by our music. So far this year, as we have visited congregations, it has been a real thrill and blessing to meet fellow Christians and communities, mostly in rural settings