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Kevin Grigsbey

Band Sergeant

Name:  Major Kevin Grigsbey

Corps:  Camberwell

Family:  wife Lynne; 3 Children; 6 Grandchildren

Instrument / Make:  Trombone - Stradivarius Bach

Date Joined MRSB:   September 2005

Favourite Band Piece / Composer: "Concertino for Band and Trombone - Erik Leidzen [FS211]

Following classical form, this work is built around an early song of Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Slater "Christ Was The Shepherd": 

    Christ was the Shepherd who found me astray,
   Entangled and wounded on sin's dark way,
   Me on His shoulders of love He did lay,
   And bore me straight home to the fold. 

and the well known chorus "I am redeemed"

Interests:  Music, family, Rotary, sport, painting and decorating

Favourite Bible Verse:  Zechariah 4: 6

"Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts"

Life Influences: The promises of God