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Tony Cook

Name:   Tony Cook

Corps:   Camberwell [since 1968 with time out at Hobart Citadel, Suva Central, English-Speaking Corps (HK) and Jakarta 1 Corps].

Family:   Beverley [wife], Kimberley [daughter] & James [son]; also Rebecca & Sarah [daughters] and 4 grandchildren

Instrument / Make:   Cornet - Yamaha Neo

Date Joined MRSB:   2014

Favourite Band Piece / Composer:   

Favourite SA Band Piece:  The Kingdom Triumphant - Eric Ball [FS273]

This tone poem is designed to remind listeners of the christian doctrine of the Second Advent of Christ at the end of this age. Although in one complete movement, the work falls into three main parts : (1) Vision of Judgement - "The blast of the trumpet" (2) Remembrance of the First Advent - "O come, O come Emmanuel" (3) Vision of the Second Advent - "Lo, He comes with clouds descending"

Favourite SA Composer:  Dean Goffin

Favourite Classical Composers:  Edward Elgar, Edvard Grieg, Richard Strauss & Richard Wagner

Interests:   Cricket, Richmond Football Club, reading, cryptic crosswords, Killer Sudoku, competitiive quizzes

Favourite Bible Verse:   John 3:16

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Life Influences:  Parents, siblings and many saintly SA Officers