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Ron Sanderson

Name:  Ron Sanderson 

Corps:  Box Hill

Family:  Wife Marlene; son Peter, daughter Paula; 5 grandchildren

Instrument / Make:  Cornet – Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign

Date Joined MRSB:  Feb 2013

Favourite Band Piece / Composer:  

Band Piece:   “The Invincible Army” – Erik Leidzen

As with all good marches, variety and contrast of accent and dynamic abound.  The rousing conclusion captures the spirit of God's invincible Army.

'We're the Army that shall conquer,
As we go to seek the lost and to bring them back to God;
And his salvation to every nation
We will carry with the fire and the blood.'

Composer: Mozart

Interests: Family, golf

Favourite Bible Verse: Romans 8:31 (The Living Bible)

What can we ever say to such wonderful things as these?
If God is on our side, who can ever be against us?”

Life Influences: Father, Mother and Grandmother, William Booth – the Founder of The Salvation Army.