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Eveyone needs a place to belong.  A place where you can be yourself, be accepted and loved just as you are. It is wonderful to be surrounded by people who believe in us and help to bring out the best in us.

As an international movement, The Salvation Army is also part of the Christian Church.  It's home to many people from differing backgrounds who find acceptance and love as we develop a relationship with God.

You will find that there is a special presence of God in our worship services.  Our messages are based on the Bible and our ministries are motivated by the love of God.

Our mission is to "Love, grow, serve and connect" by displaying God's love and meeting needs without judgement and discrimination.

Please take some time to read our Vision, Values and Mission Statement.  Hear from our church leaders, Cpts Ashley & Bronwyn Barkmeyer and see what God is doing at Logan Salvos Community Mission Centre.