Milk and Honey Community Cafe

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Milk and Honey Community Cafe is an initative of Forest Lake Salvos. 

Seeing the need to provide families with a place that they could get to enjoy each other, get to know others and help build a sense of community, Milk+Honey was launched in March 2019 after a period of prayerful consideration and significant renovations.

Our main goal is to ensure families get to enjoy being families. Kids can be loud, messy and throw a tantrum and we dont mind, because thats part fo life. We want you and your tribe to feel you belong and can explore what it means to be a family in this day and age. 

The vision for Milk & Honey is to become a place of grace, inclusion and welcome. We believe  with time we can become a space to people with the skills and confidence they need to get into or return to the workforce.

You can find our menu here.