Wellsprings of hope

21 January 2019

Wellsprings of hope

Take a look at the 2018 SAID annual report and read how clean water and new toilets has changed the lives of children and teachers in a Kenyan school.

Your support means that these children now have access to safe water, and the results have made a considerable difference in the school community.

Head teacher David Mwangi says, “Having water for cooking, let alone drinking, was a big challenge. All forms of waterborne disease were common.”

Overcoming this major challenge has drastically reduced absenteeism at the school. Pupils have shown a significant improvement in performance, including a boost to their self-confidence.

Thank you for playing your part in transforming this community. You have hugely impacted the lives of parents, teachers and pupils.

The SAID annual report contains more great stories like this.

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