Water and Sanitation for Schools

17 September 2013

Water and Sanitation for Schools

Access to water and sanitation in schools is a great starting point for transformation and change within communities.

This project provides facilities as well as education about best hygiene practices to school children and communities located in places where water and sanitation are scarce and where rainfall is infrequent.

Working to develop school facilities and promote good hygiene and health practices, this project will impact over 110,000 people in Kenya. It involves an integrated strategy, encompassing 40 schools and their wider communities in some of the most drought prone areas in Kenya.

Community members will take an active facilitation role in the execution of the project activities. The project’s main beneficiaries are children, focusing on areas with potential for impact and long-term sustainability for their families.
Henry Mboroki and his extended family of 15 now have water on tap at their home for 24 hours a day. Before this project, Henry’s children would carry water from a swampy area 3 kms away. This water supply was shared with animals and was unclean.

Henry now irrigates his 5 acre farm using a hosepipe. He grows enough food to feed his family and also sell at the markets. When talking about the difference water has made to his life, he says with a broad smile “Now we will get fat!”

This project is funded by the geneority of our supporters and The Australian Government. 


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