Thank you for helping Europe's poorest people

23 September 2016

Thank you for helping Europe's poorest people

The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe that became independent when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Its people are now the poorest in Europe, scarred from decades of war and hardship. 

Winter temperatures can plummet below minus 20 and people get sick or even die from cold, malnutrition and contaminated water. Healthcare in rural areas is almost nonexistent due to high costs and limited availability; many villages do not have doctors or even pharmacies. 

Seeing the great need in rural Moldova, where nearly 50% of people live in poverty, Dr Nicolai Caraman decided to help 15 years ago. He left his private practice to start a mobile medical clinic in partnership with The Salvation Army - and people like you.

Hard but rewarding

The clinic now travels from village to village, helping people woh would otherwise not get treatment. There is a gynaecologist, cardiologist, general practitioner, an ear, nose and throat specialist, a paediatrician, dentist and pharmacy staff. 

"Today we have set up in a school... a world away from modern Europe," says Dr Caraman. "Hundreds of people have come to us for help, some having walked miles through the snow. They are sick and desperate."

"Our work is hard but it's rewarding. This man came into the clinic deaf and I fitted him with a hearing aid - today he can hear from the first time in his life." 

"This woman came in with her child who is unwell. She told us she was not able to breastfeed due to malnutrition and has been feeding her baby cow's milk. Sadly this child is now brain damaged and will suffer permanent disabilities." 

"There are many children like this baby who are suffering from preventable illnesses. So we also offer education programs about sanitation, nutrition and basic healthcare to improve and extend the lives of the next generation."

Your continued help will enable us to transform more lives. 

The Salvation Army mobile clinic in Moldova sees 9,000 people each year free of charge, thanks to supporters like you.

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