Self-help group empowers Sapra in India

13 October 2017

Self-help group empowers Sapra in India

Thanks to your support, mothers like Sapra are given a chance to build a sustainable life through the Family Empowerment Program. 

Prior to joining a Salvation Army Self-Help Group, Sapra was doing odd jobs - searching through the dumps in the slum to find things she could sell. Her financial situation meant that she couldn't provide her children the support they needed. 

When Sapra joined the group, she purchased a sewing machine with the loan she received and started a tailoring business at home. Through this opportunity, Sapra is now earning 350 rupees ($6) a day, which enables her to pay the bills and support her children.

The Self Help Groups allow women like Sapra, usually mothers and grandmothers, to encourage one another and build each other's confidence and self-esteem. Women receive loans to start a small business or receive skills training. While the mothers are at the program, their children can attend literacy classes to improve their reading and writing skills. This is the only form of education some of them receive. 

For just $35 a month, you can help empower women like Sapra to build a better  life for her children, her family and community.

You can help make a difference!


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