Salvation Army work opens in Madagascar

12 October 2016

Salvation Army work opens in Madagascar


The island of Madagascar has officially become the 128th country in which The Salvation Army is at work.

Majors Jean and Flore Kiala, officers of the Democratic Republic of Congo Territory, will lead the work on Madagascar, which is situated off the east coast of Africa. Madagascan Salvationists Andriamananony and Annick Rasahoby will be their assistants.

Sunday meetings have been taking place for some months. A Home League (women's ministries) program is developing, making a great impact on the lives of women in Madagascar, and Salvation Army personnel are involved at a school.

The work will develop under the supervision of the Zimbabwe Territory where, during a recent visit in connection with the 125th anniversary congress, the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Brian Peddle, announced the new opening on behalf of the General, André Cox. The Salvation Army flag, soon to fly in Madagascar, was proudly carried on the congress march-past by Majors Kiala as the Chief of the Staff took the salute.

International Secretary for Africa, Commissioner Benjamin Mnyampi, and Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Commissioner Grace Mnyampi, will preside over the official launch of the work on Sunday 23 October.

General Cox gave the official approval after prolonged exploration into the feasibility of extending the Army's work to the island, and regular discussions in meetings of the International Management Council at International Headquarters in London. 

*Report by IHQ

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