Meet Samita

12 November 2018

Meet Samita


Human trafficking is increasing, and young women in Nepal are particularly vulnerable* – lack of formal education, training and job opportunities make them more likely to accept false jobs offered by traffickers and end up being exploited.

Rescued after being trafficked into forced labour at a massage parlour, today Samita* is an
apprentice cook at The Salvation Army-operated Sisters Café in Nepal.


Sisters Café provides apprenticeships for survivors of trafficking, and women at risk of trafficking, to become waitresses or cooks. The young women gain experience, education and
skills that set them up for a secure future. After their apprenticeship, they are assisted by a social worker to gain jobs or start their own businesses.

Samita’s dream now is to open a café of her own. “I want to challenge the perception that female cooks aren’t as talented as male cooks,” she says.

Skills and confidence, a winning combination.

*Name and image have been changed to protect privacy

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