Meet Kyengo

19 November 2018

Meet Kyengo


Schools change lives, but children have to attend to absorb the knowledge. In Africa, pupils often miss school because they spend long hours transporting water for their families. And if their water source isn’t clean, they can miss more school because of the illnesses it carries.

Our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs alleviate both those problems. As 13-year-old Kyengo from Matulani in Kenya says, “Life was too difficult – we experienced tiredness from carrying water and we could suffer from waterborne diseases.”


The WASH project provides water tanks, toilets and crucial hygiene training. The results can change lives.

Kyengo says that WASH has “improved the school with safe and clean water so we are able to be in school daily, thus boosting our academic performance. We also have clean latrines in the school so we are free from disease.”

Once children attend school regularly, their aspirations take flight. Kyengo enthuses, “My dream is to be a pilot and help uplift the unfortunate in my locality.”

Water, the great transformer.

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