Meet Joyce

4 December 2019

Meet Joyce


Joyce*, a mother of five children living in Malawi, worked hard in her farm to provide for her family. She was dedicated and diligent, but each year, she would only harvest two bags of maize (50 kilograms each). This was never enough to feed everyone. So, Joyce would have to spend what little money she had on an additional eight bags of maize from the market.

Everything started to change when Joyce was introduced to The Salvation Army’s Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Food Security project. Joyce was taught the conservation agriculture method, also known as “Farming God’s Way”. This ancient method values natural mulching, minimal wastage, attention to detail and seasonal changes. When the method is closely followed, it can produce enough maize to feed a family of six for an entire year.



Joyce trialled the new method on half of her existing plot. In her first harvest, she gathered eight bags of maize.

“This great change means that now I can provide for myself and I can feed my family, myself,” she says.

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*Name changed

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