Handwashing Changing Lives

27 May 2020

Handwashing Changing Lives

In this era of Covid-19 with the emphasis on handwashing and social distancing, imagine not having any water to wash your hands in.  Imagine not knowing that handwashing after the toilet or before handling food was a good thing.  This is the reality of many children in developing countries.  Your support of Salvos Sponsorship is changing this.

This is Alex’s story. A twelve year old student at school in Kenya, Alex used to carry water from home for drinking and cooking for the teachers.  At his school, the students’ personal hygiene was poor and they didn’t wash their hands after using the toilet which was dirty and smelly.  When at home, Alex walked a long distance to get water using the family donkey which took up his homework and study time.

The WASH project (Water, Sanitation, Health) changed that.  With water tanks in the school and new toilets. Alex’s life is much better.  As a member of the Health Club, he got to know the important of handwashing and practises it every time.

“Previously, we didn’t have access to drinking water, know how to wash hands correctly or even have water for handwashing but through MSETO (WASH) we now have all that. I also taught my family about handwashing and helped my uncle to make and install a leaky tin outside our latrine at home” said Alex.

PS What’s a leaky tin you ask?  Check out this link from the END Fund – so simple, so clever.

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